mIRC Korona Script v14.6 (Build: 699)  Available! (14.7 version - soon!)

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Welcome to mIRC Korona Website!

Once, with the passing years, I made my own script, I decided to make it public, completely free for all!  Scripting to me represents a hobby, which allows me to waste time in it when I have free time.

This Script is designed for all Networks, but is based on Undernet network! If you purpose to use for other networks, you can change it in Script using "Select server" dialog. By default, is set up to use this script for Other Networks. If your network has the same typology as Undernet (i mean has X bot etc.), like Europeirc or Nationchat network, you can set it to Undernet.

Click on Pages: Screenshot, Download, Discussion, Contact for more info.

This Script is completely free! Although, if you find this script useful, respect my work etc. you can donate me as much as you want through PayPal. All donations will be appreciated and, as a thank you, i'll be able to work more intense to my Script, even I'll be ready to submit your own scripts (help assistance, creating scripts etc.)
I want to mention a remark!

You have to know that this Script is running as portable version and be sure where do you install this Script! I've got few feedbacks that when script is installed, it's running, but scripts are not loaded, i.e. is opening as a clean mIRC and i'm very sure that many of them have not followed the instructions as said in Installer.
!!! If you have installed this Script in a folder that's required administrator rights, please run mirc.exe as administrator or check the box "Run as administrator" from Properties of mIRC.exe, otherwise please install the Script where you have full access (read, write files and data) and is not required administrator rights! But take in view that if you not run the Script with administrator rights, the Windows Tweaker option from Script will not work as is required to operate with regedit that is working only with administrator rights.
What's new will be in the 14.7 version (in comparison with 14.6, coming soon):

- [ADD] Added new X scripts replies due to Undernet changes. (available for Undernet network only)
- [ADD] Added function to Audio Playlist to show/hide Playlist.
- [ADD] Added mute/unmute icon (function) to the Audio Playlist dialog to mute/unmute the sound.
- [ADD] Added volume bar (function) to the Audio Playlist dialog to set the volume of the sound (master volume).
- [ADD] Added progress bar in Audio Playlist that shows the playing progress time of the song. You can click this progress bar to seek the song.
- [ADD] Added progress timer (actual/remaining time) in the Audio Player. Note: Clicking this item will permute values between remain and actual playing time.
- [ADD] Added an option to enable or disable animations (progress bar and progress timer) in the Audio Playlist dialog. By default, is enabled.
- [ADD] Added line string of text in the Audio Playlist dialog that will show the name of the song actual playing. Note: Clicking this item will open the Audio Properties dialog.
- [ADD] Added line string of text in the Audio Playlist dialog that will show proprieties (bitrate, size etc.) of the song actual playing.
- [ADD] Added function to mute/unmute the sound in the Audio Player dialog when you right click the volume bar.
- [ADD] Added repeat (all,actual song,none) and shuffle options to the Audio Playlist dialog.
- [ADD] Added tooltips to many controls in the Audio Playlist.
- [ADD] Added tooltips to volume control from the Audio Player that informs you to right-click this volume control to mute/unmute the sound.
- [ADD] Added restriction to use only one instance of this Script in time. If you start this Script having an another instance of the Script (from the same directory), the last started mIRC will exit.
- [ADD] Added Speech Recognition feature (in Affairs section and Start Menu). Now you can add/remove your own speeches. Also, are added and defined speeches that are active when the option is enabled. By default, is disabled. To view details, issue: /speech. Note: The Speech Recognition uses heavy resources and be sure to have a good computer (inclusive microphone) to use this.
- [ADD] Added in Start info a text string that informs you how to enable/disable the Speech Recognition. Also through this text info you will know the status of this option and you can click to open the Speech Recognition directly.
- [ADD] Added CTRL+F2 keystroke that enables/disables the Speech Recognition on the fly.
- [ADD] Added Translating futures. These features are unique (not based on JavaScripts, auths or sockets system) and supports 104 languages. The Translating is based on Google Translate system and be sure to have an internet connecting to work through.
- [ADD] Added Translating command-line feature: /translate [help|list|dialog] [-cde] <from language (code)|auto> <to language (code)> <text|:cb>. To see more detailed information, please issue: /translate help.
- [ADD] Added Translate dialog feature if you want to manipulate easily with translating through UI interface. To open this dialog, issue: /translate dialog or open it from menus.
- [ADD] Added Spelling futures. These features are unique (not based on JavaScripts, auths or sockets system) and supports 104 languages. The Spell is based on Google Spelling system and be sure to have an internet connecting to work through.
- [ADD] Added Spelling command-line feature: /spell [help|dialog|stop] [-cfms] <text|:cb>. To see more detailed information, please issue: /spell help.
- [ADD] Added Spell dialog feature if you want to manipulate easily with checking the spell through UI interface. To open this dialog, issue: /spell dialog or open it from menus.
- [ADD] Added right-click menus to X Status and X Infos dialog to operate more easily with the data from these dialogs: join a channel, open queries or close the dialog. Note: These options are available only for Undernet network or on those networks where X is present and have a similar typology as Undernet, also having set up Undernet.org as an active network.
- [FIXED] Fixed some exit scripts to work correctly that in some cases gave errors due to a dll mismatch.
- [FIXED] Fixed to not execute commands of KickBan/Deop/Devoice Protections if in command is indicated :address and on a event $address obtain a $null value, in some cases. (will be executed on $address that obtains a valid value)
- [MODIFY] Modified the issue to not center the Audio Proprieties dialog when you click to show/hide id3 tags.
- [MODIFY] Modified the progress bar and volume bar of the Audio Player dialog to be set immediately when is clicked and not after a short time.
- [MODIFY] Changed the method to check the K-Lite Media Codec settings (required for Audio Player) installed in the system. Now you'll don't need time to wait for checking K-Lite.
- [MODIFY] Modified completely the method of collecting data (based on wmic) for Task Manager processes. The Task Manager will collect data very fast and with more precision. Note: Current mIRC.exe process where Task Manager is running from will be excluded from list.
- [MODIFY] Modified tooltip of playing title's song in Audio Player that informs you to click the title to display the Proprieties of the song to be removed when no songs are being played and to set up back when a song is being played.
- [MODIFY] Corrected in all text strings the word Standart to Standard (inclusive for all languages). Thanks to IL-Kane for this correction. :)
- [MODIFY] Modified the string line of text regarding the channel menu from Modules to Channel Central (inclusive for all languages). Thanks to IL-Kane for this suggestion.
- [MODIFY] Now all the temporary files will be saved in the Temp directory from mIRC and not in the main directory of mIRC.
- [UPDATE] Updated some security issues to have a better performance and executing speed.
- [UPDATE] Updated the issue to run mIRC when the full path where the mIRC application is running from to contain only alphanumeric chars based on English letters and numbers only (including standard windows symbols)!

Updated: 24 march 2017

Also, in plan:

- Update the Smiles (Emoticons).
- Update mIRC.exe to 7.48 version that arrives soon.
- Add a possibility to run another mIRC Korona instance through a command-line directly.
- Other changes.. 

So, keep an eye on news! :)
What's new in 14.6 version (in comparison with 14.5):

- [ADD] Added Games section where you can play in different games. To open it issue /games or open it from Options.
- [ADD] Added new game Sudoku. The game is completely offline (not requires internet connection) and not uses 3rd party applications (is based completely on mIRC scripting).
- [ADD] Added new game Guess. This game will test your intuition to guess what will be the next card: high or low. To see the rules of the game press Help button from the game's menu.
- [ADD] Added a new option in General Setup to enable or disable automatic +i (invisible mode) and +x (hidden host) on connects. By default, is enabled. To issue General setup, type: /setup or choose from menus.
- [ADD] Added option on Connect dialog to activate automatically the reconnection from the unplanned disconnect. The connect, in this case, will be made after 1 minute after disconnect. By default, is enabled.
- [ADD] Added TAB support in many dialogs available for multiple editboxes. When you press TAB keystroke, the focus will be changed to the next or previous edit field.
- [ADD] Added new option in Windows Tweaker: UAC. This option will turn on UAC to minimal requirements. To view more detailed information type /tweak. Note: This option will not disable completely UAC.
- [ADD] Added security issues to some objects that require administrator privileges or/and UAC minimal setting.
- [FIX] Fixed item to the start dialog to close properly when using Standard Theme.
- [MODIFY] Modified trackbar in Audio Player with a progress bar that sets the volume with more precision.
- [MODIFY] Modified check styles in Audio Player with other graphical.
- [MODIFY] Changed completely Playlist. Now Playlist has a new look and more beautifully.
- [MODIFY] Changed the way to click on items of mIRC Status (except Start menu) to open/enable/echo options attached to them from single click to double click, to not avoid mismatch clicks when you open mIRC from Tray menu (most of all Weather is opened when you reactivate mIRC)
- [MODIFY] Modified completely X Auth to Authentications. Now is set to save and execute multiple profiles on connect and not only. Also, added auth commands for Dalnet, QuakeNet or you can add you own command. Is not necessary to choose the network to work through. For details, type /x
- [MODIFY] Modified string lines of X Login to Authentications for all languages.
- [MODIFY] Changed completely connections and disconnections methods and scripts also. Is modified even the Connect dialog that now brings a new design, more easy to use and more powerful.
- [MODIFY] Changed the way to register mIRC: now is added to set the actual value of timestamps included in validity, not those old before it.
- [MODIFY] Modified check styles in Exit dialog and some UI objects.
- [MODIFY] Modified Windows Tweaker's scripts to rule more efficient and more faster.
- [MODIFY] Changed completely Backup System. Now Backup is performing more faster and more efficient. You can choose how to backup mIRC in Rar or Zip format. The backup file will be saved into mIRC directory folder. See status/starter menus to backup.
- [MODIFY] Modified Starter Menu scripts init process. Now on each startup, the Starter Menu will init completely that will take a time and further this menu will be displayed only for a faster performance. Note: Starter Menu is placed in mIRC Statusbar and is available when Panel is disabled only.
- [UPDATE] Updated mIRC.exe to 7.47 version (from 7.46) 
- [UPDATE] Updated Logz' scripts and some commands due to changes from this version.
What's new in 14.5 version (in comparison with 14.4):

- [ADD] Added function to reply as in the language set in General Options dialog (setting) when you slap somebody.
- [ADD] Added tooltips to many dialogs, especially where help strings are not present.
- [ADD] Added in Start info a message that informs you about most used commands and dialogs in script. Just press CTRL+F1
- [ADD] Added animated dialog on mIRC startup, for each Theme.
- [ADD] Added animations to some UI objects from many dialogs.
- [ADD] Added a Start Menu point that will open a menu with many useful commands and shortcuts to all dialogs in Script. This menu is placed in mIRC Statusbar and is visible when Panel is disabled only.
- [ADD] Added new function to /logz that searches the input text in all mIRC logs files. The syntax is: /logz findtext [-all] <text>. If -all (optional) will not be included in command, the script will search till the first match, otherwise will search for all matches. Also, this function is added in mIRC Logs dialog. For more info issue: /logz help.
- [ADD] Added Quick Settings dialog where you can set up quickly the main settings: nick, identd, network and language. This dialog will popup only to the first startup of this Script. Also, you can issue this dialog from Start menu, Options dialog or through the command: /msetup.
- [ADD] Added Cursors dialog for mIRC's windows, where you can set up a cursor for every type of window (mirc main window, status, channel, query, scrollbar, toolbar, switchbar and dialogs) on choose. To open the dialog type /cursors or open it from Options dialog (or menus).
- [ADD] Added function to inform you about BNC Manager when you connect to a BNC or ZNC and have BNC Manager disabled.
- [ADD] Added function to warn you if is an outside sound when you try to play a song in Audio Player. This function will be called only once per a mIRC session.
- [ADD] Now, when you use /away command, Away Status dialog will be opened.
- [ADD] Added sound play (Author's concept) when you open About dialog. The sound will be played if the sound isn't set to mute and you don't have another sound playing in that moment.

- [FIX] Fixed weather script to return null if weather status is null and not to confuse with weather feel's data.
- [FIX] Fixed bug that script didn't show youtube link's content if comments are disabled on that youtube link.
- [FIX] Fixed bug that returns incorrect password when you try to change the password in mIRC Security dialog, if the password is a number.
- [FIX] Fixed item to disable saving away options in Away Settings dialog if you're not connected. This will work only when you're connected to a server.
- [FIX] Fixed items to not evaluate protection scripts when you receive non-standard X notices from ZNC playback buffer.
- [MODIFY] Applied to unset all temporary variables on startup, to increase performance of mIRC.
- [MODIFY] Modified Start info. Now is available in English, Russian and Romanian.
- [MODIFY] Modified startup scripts to run better.
- [MODIFY] Modified some UI objects from various dialogs for better performance.
- [MODIFY] Modified Tooltips on nicklist to show only those informations that haven't null data.
- [MODIFY] Modified regular /op, /deop commands, that operate as /mode # +o/-o. Now, the syntaxes are: /op (/deop) [* [x]] [nick1 nick2 ... nickN] to op or deop multiple users. If you use /op or /deop without any parameter, will op, respectively deop yourself. If you use /op (/deop) * [x], will op/deop everyone on the channel (mass) and if you include x (optional) in this command, will op/deop through X (if Undernet.org will be set up as network and X is present on that channel). Also, instead of using /op or /deop, you can use /o or /d (or /do) as an alternative command.
- [MODIFY] Modified regular /voice, /devoice commands, that operate as /mode # +v/-v. Now, the syntaxes are: /voice (/devoice) [* [x]] [nick1 nick2 ... nickN] to voice or devoice multiple users. If you use /voice or /devoice without any parameter, will voice, respectively devoice yourself. If you use /voice (/devoice) * [x], will voice/devoice everyone on the channel (mass) and if you include x (optional) in this command, will voice/devoice through X (if Undernet.org will be set up as network and X is present on that channel). Also, instead of using /voice or /devoice, you can use /v or /dev (or /dv) as an alternative command.
- [MODIFY] Modified regular /halfop, /halfdeop commands, that operate as /mode # +h/-h. Now, the syntaxes are: /halfop (/halfdeop) [*] [nick1 nick2 ... nickN] to halfop or halfdeop multiple users. If you use /halfop or /halfdeop without any parameter, will halfop, respectively halfdeop yourself. If you use /halfop (/halfdeop) *, will halfop/halfdeop everyone on the channel (mass). Also, instead of using /halfop or /halfdeop, you can use /hlop or /hldeop as an alternative command.
- [MODIFY] Modified some X replies due to new changes on Undernet network.
- [MODIFY] Modified completely About dialog. Used impressive animations and exclusive design, available for Dark Theme and Standard Theme. You can issue it with /about or clicking from different menus.
- [MODIFY] Corrected some text strings for all languages.
- [MODIFY] Modified Playlist init process. Now you'll be informed to wait until playlist's creation process will be done to not create errors during the process.
- [MODIFY] Modified checkbox styles with new graphical images on some dialogs.
- [MODIFY] Modified completely all $input() messages with other dialog with a new design and overlay.
- [MODIFY] Modified and updated some items in menus (color of separators, some check styles etc.) for Dark Theme.
- [UPDATE] Improved mIRC Security and some UI objects.
- [UPDATE] Updated help script file with more information. Press F1 for more information.
- [UPDATE] Now if you turn volume to minimal, will mute the sound, like is Windows in and if is mute and you turn on the volume, will unmute the sound.
- [REMOVE] Removed some commands and scripts that are oldest and are not used in script nowadays.
- [INSTALLER] Now is set up the Installer to update the oldest versions also, no need to download a separate installer for Update. The Installer automatically will detect to install a clean mIRC Korona or if detects that is installed and older version - to update him; and if detect that is an actual version installed - will repair all script files. Just what is required to enter the path where is mIRC Korona installed. Remember, that mIRC Korona is installed as portable version and will not affect any other mIRCs installed in your system. If you want to install a clean mIRC Korona, choose a different path where mIRC Korona is not installed. When you update the Script, your personal files, logs, options and settings will remain exactly as are.
What's new in 14.4 version (in comparison with 14.3):

- [ADDED] Added Weather support. Now you can view detailed weather data by your location or another location (city, region). This Script is unique and contains smart methods. The syntaxes of use are:
-> /weather <search> [-d] [-c|-f] <place:text> - search location to view detailed Weather informations.
-> /weather <set> <unit:c,f|default:code,default|period:N> - set options to easily manipulate with received informations.
-> /weather <actual|refresh|help> [-d] - base commands to use.
For more info where you can learn using these commands, issue: /weather help. The default period is set to 900 seconds, unit is set to Celsius (C) and default location is set to system location.
- [ADDED] Added in Options (Dialogs) new item: Weather. This dialog is more simple to use for displaying weather data if you don't want to use command line /weather. You can issue this dialog with: /winfo.
- [ADDED] Added option to retrieve weather data by your system location and to display it in mIRC Statusbar, also you can set your default location by using /weather set default:code
- [ADDED] Added Youtube Catcher and Support. Any person (or You) who will write in channel/private windows where messages will contain links to youtube, the script will display the detailed information about that link's contents.
Also, you can disable this option using /youtube off or enable using /youtube on. Even the option is disabled, you can issue /youtube [+d] link [+o] to view Youtube link's content. By default, Youtube Catcher is enabled. For more detailed info issue /youtube help
- [ADDED] Added ID3 tags support to Proprieties of Audio File.
- [ADDED] Added option in Audio Options dialog to process data slowly on play (for slow CPUs). By default, is not enabled.
- [ADDED] Added option in Audio Options dialog to display ID3 tags (name and title) of an audio file instead of the name of this file. Even is enabled, if id3 name or artist is null, the name of the track will be displayed. By default, this option is enabled.
- [ADDED] Added option in General Settings dialog to enable or disable Lexicon Speech (Sounds). By default, is enabled. (thanks to Il-Kane for suggestion)
- [ADDED] Added option in General Settings to change the language for replies to users. You have to know that when you are away or in Activity Mode, when you play sounds and have options to announcements enabled, the script replies to them in the language as set up in mIRC. Now you can choose a different language as your main language to be replied to users through.
- [ADDED] Added mIRC Logs dialog in Options dialog. This dialog operates as /logz command, but is more easily to use and has an interface API that you can process through. You can issue this dialog using /logz view also.
- [ADDED] Added option in Input Commands to enable/disable showing of the used input commands in the active windows. Till now, when you use an input command (for example: x s that means /msg x status #channel), these input command are halted and aren't sent in the active windows (in out example: on channel). Introducing this option, you can enable it from Input Commands dialog and everyone from channels/query will see your used input commands.
- [MODIFY] Modified Proprieties dialog of Audio Files to use Dark Theme and added ID3 tags info.
- [MODIFY] Modified some X replies to be evaluated correctly on script events (for Undernet and other networks that have X's typology).
- [MODIFY] Modified Update system: the script will download the script version to check the new version instead to open sockets that sometimes gave errors.
- [MODIFY] Modified Security mIRC. Now the passwords will be treat as case-sensitive. Remember, that the default password for Security mIRC is: 12345
- [MODIFY] Modified Options dialog (objects placements and some UIs) and mIRC Statusbar according to these changes from this version.
- [FIX] Fixed local volume of a mIRC to not be processed after master volume of the system, the local volume being set to maximum.
- [FIX] Fixed bug that gives $read errors when you press CTRL/SHIFT (option to play) on empty spaces from Playlist listview.
- [FIX] Applied to create unicode files for all languages support when you save a playlist to be compatible with Audio Players.
- [FIX] Fixed a http error on collecting data from bnm.md (exchange rates for Republic of Moldova) to be executed through https and not http as bnm.md rules over https nowadays.
- [FIX] Fixed a error that BNM data is issued in English if the Script's language is set to Romanian.
- [FIX] Fixed help text strings from Backs dialog to be evaluated correctly.
- [FIX] Fixed /logz bugs when you perform a delete operation and is gone in loop.
- [UPDATE] Updated some smiles in list. For info: /smiles help
- [UPDATE] Updated channel, query, nicklist, status backgrounds and colors with new images for Dark Theme.
- [UPDATE] Updated Options Dialog to fit name strings in rectangle on Standart Theme.
- [UPDATE] Updated some strings from DxDiag dialog to fit correctly in their rectangles.
- [UPDATE] Now if you connect to an Undernet server and have enabled setting: Other Networks from the Server dialog, script will halt the connect and will popup the Server dialog to change the setting to Undernet.org to be able to use Undernet servers.
- [UPDATE] Updated ON TEXT/ACTION scripts structure. Now, the text will be displayed very fast. This is valid for bnc/znc bouncers also, especially when you join a channel and have playback buffer on that channel. Also, joining the channels also will be perform very fast.
- [UPDATE] Russian language is now full available.
News! mIRC Korona Script v14.3 version is available!
What's new in 14.3 version (in comparison with 14.2):

- Updated mIRC.exe to 7.46 (from 7.44).
- Updated some issues on Connect dialog to perform correctly some script scripts when you perform a connect.
- Renamed Logs to Personal Logs.
- Fixed a bug not showing notes messages in Personal Logs.
- Fixed buffer's text and action replies to be evaluated correctly when you are connected to a ZNC bouncer and have the buffer's playback enabled.
- Added options to Personal Logs to save/not save messages from BNC/ZNC and to save/not save messages from X (available for Undernet networks or similar networks that have X). For details: /logs By default, options are disabled.
- Personal Logs will not open anymore as desktop application.
- Updated backup.exe to 5.40 version.
- Fixed issues to Installer and to backup system to work properly on 32-bits (x86) systems.
- Used server in whois will not be displayed if it returns hidden information (null).
- Added check option to Tricks to disable/enable showing Tricks on Startup. By default is enabled.
- If Tricks will be disabled to be displayed on Startup, the option Tricks will be included in Info's Menu or you can issue it with /tricks command. (right-click on Options icon from Toolbar)
- Fixed xdid() errors that occurs on some systems when mIRC Status is updated.
- Added option to backup/restore script settings (variables) on Startup automatically after mIRC crashes in case if respective files are damaged.
- Added Invite system. Now when somebody invites you, a window will popup in the end of the switchbar with detailed information. Also, all invites will be logged in Personal Logs
News! mIRC Korona Script v14.2 version is available!

What's new in 14.2 version (in comparison with 14.1):

- Added highlight for your own nick if it's end with $chr(33).
- Added Update to Info menu (Dialogs module).
- Added Update and About to Status menu.
- Improved startup system and some security issues.
- Changed /activity command and improved Activity Mode. Syntax of the Activity Mode is: /activity [on|off|help|status|refresh|time]. Type /activity help for more details.
- Added key-joins support for Auto-Join on Channels. Now you can set up a key for every channel, if exits. When you perform a auto-join on channels, the script will join the channel with the predefined key. Also, when you issue Actual button the script will lookup for the keys of the channels.
- Improved some UIs of the List of Ignores dialog.
- Updated mIRC.exe to 7.44 (from 7.43)
- Updated mIRC's help file and Script's help file.
- Added option in Windows Tweaker to unregister mIRC (for those who want to activate with their method or have a true license).
- Added a check state in Full Installer option to activate mIRC or not when you install the full script. By default, is checked.
- Fixed text replies (for English) from Windows Tweaker to be correctly evaluated.
- Updated help info for Add/Del key and Join Chans buttons from the Auto-Join Channels dialog.
- Fixed mIRC Status to evaluate text strings correctly in time, that on some systems are been evaluated incorrectly.
- Fixed animated image position correctly (for Dark Scheme).
- Added support (to other wpl and aimppl4 supports) to collect songs from m3u,m3u8 (Winamp Playlists) and pls (General Playlist, version 2). Till now, Audio Player supported only WPL (Windows Media Playlist) and AIMPPL4 (Aimp 4 Playlist). Pay attention that Audio Player will not play radio or streaming audio.
- Added support (to other wpl support) to save Audio Player playlist as aimppl4 (Aimp 4 Playlist), m3u,m3u8 (Winamp Playlists) and pls (General Playlist, version 2). Till now, Audio Player supported to save only WPL (Windows Media Playlist).
- Added audio formats support: m4a, wmapro, truehd, vorbis, lpcm, wavpack, tta, cook, realaudio, opus, atrac. Now, the full list of supported audio formats is: .aac,.ac3,.aiff,.alac,.alaw.,.amr,.asf,.ast,.atrac,.caf,.cook,.dss,.dts,.dtshd,.eac3,.flac,.lpcm,.mp2,.mp3,.m4a,.ogg,.opus,.pcm,.rawaudio,.realaudio,.tak,.truehd,.tta,.vorbis,.wav,.wavpack,.wma,.wmapro,.xwma
- Added an input dialog to inform the supported audio formats before adding files or dirs to Audio Player.
- Fixed issues to update mIRC Status in time, when you use /hide or /unhide commands.
- Added Options to Panel and Status Menu (section), where you can access the List of Dialogs.
- Fixed issue to not execute /ame when you are not connected (valid for Audio Player announcements too).
- Updated backup.exe to 5.31 version.