mIRC Korona Script.. PROJECT CLOSED!

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Welcome to mIRC Korona Website!

Once, no one in the last years didn't donate me and i don't have time to make another releases (however in my To-Do list are many new things, changes etc.), no one don't want to help me financial, i decided to CLOSE THE PROJECT!

The last version made is: 15.3! All download links are removed! Those who have the latest version, can use it, but some of the scripts will not work in the future, because they need to be updated. I'm tired...

Sorry for everything.. Big thanks goes to Il-Kane, Taavi S.,  Mario Osky, westor, Nuno Silva and others for their help, suggestions, opinions etc. Really, sorry guys.. :)

P.S. Although, i will stay in mIRC and i'm in touch. The Contact info will be open all the time.. 

Bonus! You can still download the 15.3 version from: www.mircscripts.net (see Full Scripts section) :)