mIRC Korona Script v15.1 Sooooon! Check below the changes..

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Welcome to mIRC Korona Website!

Once, with the passing years, I made my own script, I decided to make it public, completely free for all!  Scripting to me represents a hobby, which allows me to waste time in it when I have free time.

This Script is designed for all Networks, but is based on Undernet network! If you purpose to use for other networks, you can change it in Script using "Select server" dialog. By default, is set up to use this script for Other Networks. If your network has the same typology as Undernet (i mean has X bot etc.), like Europeirc or Nationchat network, you can set it to Undernet.

Click on Pages: Screenshot, Download, Discussion, Contact for more info.

This Script is completely free! Although, if you find this script useful, respect my work etc. you can donate me as much as you want through PayPal. All donations will be appreciated and, as a thank you, i'll be able to work more intense to my Script, even I'll be ready to submit your own scripts (help assistance, creating scripts etc.)
I want to mention a remark!

You have to know that this Script is running as portable version and be sure where do you install this Script! I've got few feedbacks that when script is installed, it's running, but scripts are not loaded, i.e. is opening as a clean mIRC and i'm very sure that many of them have not followed the instructions as said in Installer.
!!! If you have installed this Script in a folder that's required administrator rights, please run mirc.exe as administrator or check the box "Run as administrator" from Properties of mIRC.exe, otherwise please install the Script where you have full access (read, write files and data) and is not required administrator rights! But take in view that if you not run the Script with administrator rights, the Windows Tweaker option from Script will not work as is required to operate with regedit that is working only with administrator rights.

The release of mIRC Korona v15.1 (Build: 199) will be made after 15 November 2018! Depends of the related suggestions, bugs etc. that will appear, the release date could be postponed.

What changes will be in the 15.1 version (in comparison with 15.0) :

- [ADD] Added feature to identify your real IP address, that will be shown on every connect (inclusive the IP info) in Status Window.
- [ADD] Added option to refresh weather data when you right-click the weather's text object from Statusbar.
- [ADD] Added ipv6 support to IP Lookup (/ip help). Now you can whois the ipv6 addresses also.
- [ADD] Added Alternative Whois. This option will bring the whois info into a separate dialog including the Ip lookups to the user if in his address/raws is ip/host. This options is added in menus (Whois) and using command /whois -a nick (see the changes below)
- [ADD] Re-perfecting the /whois (/w) command. Now this command have the syntax: /whois (/w) [-a|h|hx] [nick]. For more details, issue: /whois -h or /whois -hx (help command). Note: This command also is added in the List of Commands.
- [ADD] Added some new raws (RPLs) that work on some networks.
- [ADD] Added network and server features to Authentications. Now you can set on what network(s)/server(s) the commands will run.  Note: Leaving empty network and server fields, will cause the respective command to run on all networks. All the commands set till now (if are) will have no network/server saved (empty), so will run on all networks. You must set them after updating to this version.
- [ADD] Added option to auth even you will connect to a BNC/ZNC.
  Note: All the commands set till now (if are) will have this option disabled.
  Note: This option will work only if BNC Manager is enabled and you use this tool to connect to a BNC/ZNC.
- [ADD] Added network and server features to Auto-Joins. Now you can set on what network(s)/server(s) the auto-join will enter you on the channels.
  Note: All the channels set till now (if are) will be placed in the "All Networks/Servers" group. You will have to set up if you want to use this feature.
- [ADD] Added option to execute the auto-joins even you will connect to a BNC/ZNC.
  Note: By default, this option is disabled.
  Note: This option will work only if BNC Manager is enabled and you use this tool to connect to a BNC/ZNC.
- [ADD] Added an unique smart option that makes the ability to join the auto-join's channels in a way to enter the channels effectively, even if there is a lag. This option will allow you to enter absolutely on the all channels from the list (even if you have returns to enter after a time due to the lag) compared to the standard method.  Note: By default, this options is enabled.
- [ADD] Added option to join the auto-join's channels after the auth on X or NickServ (works on all networks having X or NickServ).
  Note: This option will work only if the Authentications is enabled and you use this tool to connect to a X bot or to NickServ. The script will detect automatically the auth commands and the status of them to know if the auth is successfully or not.  Note: By default, this options is enabled.
- [ADD] Added option to stop the auto-join's channels on connect if the auth on X or NickServ will fail (i.e. wrong password). (works on all networks having X or NickServ).
  Note: This option will work only if the Authentications is enabled and you use this tool to connect to a X bot or to NickServ. The script will detect automatically the auth commands and the status of them to know if the auth is successfully or not.  Note: By default, this options is enabled.
- [ADD] Added option to join the auto-join's channels after 5 seconds from connection.  Note: By default, this options is disabled.
- [ADD] Added option to display a special dialog on connect if there some channels in the auto-join's list that informs you more detailed.
  Note: By default, this options is enabled.
- [ADD] Added option to enter the auto-join's channels by telling the X bot to invite to the respective channel. You can set for every channel in part how to join on connect: through X or simple.  Note: This option is available only for Undernet users (or for those who have the same X like on Undernet) and be sure to have access to X on that channel.
- [ADD] Added feature to reconnect to the actual server. This options is included in the Disconnect Panel.  Note: If you have BNC Manager enabled or Favorite Server, than you will reconnect to the BNC Manager, respective Favorite server set.
- [ADD] Added option to System Info Settings to set the refreshing rate of collecting info about CPU, RAM and LAG.
  Note: The default values is set to 5 seconds for all. The minimum - 5 seconds, the maximum - 900 seconds.
- [ADD] Added option to System Info Settings to set the warning value of CPU, RAM and LAG. This option will mark the values with a different color when a value of CPU, RAM or LAG will reach the set warning value.  Note: The default values is set to 90% for CPU, RAM and 0.5 seconds for LAG. The minimum - 50% and the maximum - 99% for CPU, RAM. For LAG: minimum - 0.1 seconds, maximum - 60 seconds.
- [ADD] Added option to Audio Player (in Audio Settings) to enable/disable the announcements of the songs/radios in queries also. (Thanks to Pietry Souza for this suggestion). Note: By default, this option is not enabled.
- [ADD] Added option to Audio Player (in Audio Settings) to enable/disable the announcements of the songs/radios in the active window only. Note: By default, this option is not enabled. If this options is enabled, then will work only for channels and queries window (if active). Also, enabling this option will disable the announcements for the channels and queries.
- [ADD] Added text "PC" on Shutdown, Restart and Logoff links from the Exit dialog to be clear that these options refer to the PC actions. (Thanks to westor for this suggestion).
- [ADD] Added option to delete a server or the whole servers from the recent servers using the right-clicking menu of the recent treeview object from the Connect dialog.
- [ADD] Added the ability to set automatically the Undernet network on connect to an undernet server, if the network use is set to Others.
- [FIX] Fixed all the items from mIRC Statusbar to be truncated and added the ellipses (...) if the end of a strings don't fit in its rectangles. (Thanks to Taavi S. for this fix).
- [FIX] Fixed an issue of Advanced Central Channel where on some networks the search of the excepts' data on a channel becomes infinitely.
- [FIX] Fixed the issue when you being connected to a server and switching to another (directly, without to disconnect and after connecting), the disconnect and reconnection process sometimes don't process correctly till the end, causing bugs.
- [FIX] Fixed the bug caused to Fonts dialog when you apply the chosen font to the Status Window.
- [FIX] Fixed the issue to not delete the context of a channel's editbox when you focus on it, in case the respective editbox is not empty.
- [FIX] Fixed some connection issues when you try to connect to a server being connected.
- [FIX] Fixed the option to minimize on next startup (in Exit dialog) to correctly minimize mIRC when it starts. (However, if this option is enabled, mIRC will appear maximized on start for a few seconds to evaluate docking panels correctly and will minimize back).
- [FIX] Fixed the inputs of server ports from all the dialogs to be able to store all the chars. Till now these inputs was able to store only numbers. (Thanks to westor for this suggestion).
- [FIX] Fixed issue not saving properly the audio option: include in the announcements the address and the title of the radio station.
- [MODIFY] Replaced the text object responsible by channels info with the showing your real ip (not the ip you are connected to a BNC/ZNC, but the ip your system is known in web) from mIRC Statusbar. Notes: 1) Double-click on it will popup a dialog with your full info about your IP. 2) Right-click - will refresh the data.
- [MODIFY] Rectified, updated & fixed some raw events.
- [MODIFY] Modified Cpu and RAM collecting data performance by changing its scripts. (Thanks to westor for help)
- [MODIFY] Modified the shortcuts to set the auth commands from the Authentications dialog. Now the shortcuts are: Undernet, NickServ and IrcOp. Also, was changed the whole design and the structure of Authentications dialog due to the changes made above.
- [MODIFY] Modified completely Auto-Join on Channels due to the changes made above.
- [MODIFY] Replaced IrcOp Login with Statistics in mIRC Security. Also, is replaced Panel with Bars' Settings.
- [MODIFY] Replaced IrcOp Login with System Info Settings in F-Buttons.
- [MODIFY] Now you can disconnect without any warnings if you are in connecting or logging status (the period where is the connection process, before the full connection).
- [MODIFY] Now the cursor will highlight instantly the hovered item in Control Panel, Affairs Panel, Actions Panel and Games Panel.
- [MODIFY] Optimized some close and minimize buttons for a better quality.
- [MODIFY] Reduced considerably the whole size of the mIRC Korona, due to optimized and compressed icon packs, images etc.
- [MODIFY] Modified completely Disconnect Panel. Now it has a new look, with animations and more easy to use.
- [MODIFY] Modified the Exit dialog scripting for a better performance.
- [MODIFY] Modified some buttons from the Connect dialog. Now it has a better look.
- [MODIFY] Modified the look of the edit fields from many dialogs (only for Dark Theme) to have a new modern aspect.
- [MODIFY] Modified the option of the announcements from Audio Settings to enable/disable overall the announcements instead to enable the announcements for channels. Due to the changes made, was added a option to enable/disable the announcements for channels.
- [MODIFY] Increased the quality of the refresh, back and forward buttons from the Explorer dialog. (Thanks to Taavi S. for this suggestion).
- [UPDATE] Updated Translating scripts to evaluate some special symbols due to the Google Translate updates.
- [UPDATE] Updated the scripts responsible to collect the radio stations from www.shoutcast.com due to www.directory.shoutcast.com changes.
- [REMOVE] Removed completely IrcOp Login, due to the fact that you can add IrcOp auth command in Authentications.
- [REMOVE] Removed completely Panel (Left-bar panel), due to the fact that used too much screen space, but now all the functions from are rendered in the Start Menu.

What's new in 15.0 version (in comparison with 14.9):

- [ADD] Added Fonts dialog. Now you can set fonts for windows using Fonts dialog with advanced and smart options.
             Note: Standard font dialog is not removed. You can access the standard font dialog of mIRC by using: /font
- [ADD] Added feature to be able to translate the words and the lines from all the mIRC's windows (status, channels and queries) using the hotlink event. To access it, you must hold SHIFT and left click the line/word you want to translate (SHIFT+LEFT MOUSE CLICK)
- [ADD] Added feature to show information lines in the active window about the channels you can't enter due to the ban/invite/key set modules.
             Note: Till now there're displayed in Status only.
             Note: The information lines in Status will be displayed also.
- [ADD] Added error state check on playing of audio or radio songs.
- [ADD] Added new features to the Messages & Nick dialogs. (see the next changes)
- [ADD] Added Messages & Nick to Starter Menu and also are stylized some items from it.
- [ADD] Added different options to the usage of the smiles. You can set them by using command /smiles options or through Smiles dialog (see the changes above).
- [ADD] Added feature to support of smiles to be reflected in the incoming messages also (not only for outgoing).
- [ADD] Added Smiles dialog where you can select what smiles to use in messages and also you can configure the usage of the smiles.
- [ADD] Added a shortcut dialog to the channels and queries windows that opens the Smiles dialog.
- [ADD] Added the preview of the smiles used in the channels and queries windows through clicking the smile.
              Note: This works if the Smiles setting is enabled, if the clicked smile is included in the script.
- [ADD] Added CPU info (Percentage Load), RAM info (Percentage used) and Online Lag Meter in the up-right corner.
              Note: No dll is used to retrieve these info. Is used vbscript to retrieve. This method makes mIRC to not freeze during retrieving and is free.
              Note: The updating time to retrieve data is set to 5 seconds.
              Note: The settings are included also. You can enable/disable what options to use and what not to use. Just click the info objects to set them up.
- [ADD] Added /identd me switch. Now you can set the identd to be set exactly as your nick. For more details issue /identd help.
             Note: By default, those who will reset/install this version is set this setting the identd to be exactly as your primary nick. Those who will update the script to this version will not be affected.
- [ADD] Now, when you change the identd, will be changed and the Email Address exactly as your identd.
- [FIX] Fixed the topic to be set correctly on channel through Advanced Channel Central. (Thanks to Il-Kane for this fix).
- [FIX] Fixed issues to evaluate correctly the addresses of nicks when you execute Ip Lookups (/ip).
- [FIX] Fixed "D_ERROR /xdid" bug when you close quickly the informations dialogs before init process ends.
- [FIX] Using Fonts dialog instead of its standard mIRC Font dialog, is fixed the font data from the channel and query bars to be updated in time.
- [FIX] Fixed and updated the issues to collect correctly the country on weather forecast that on some cities/regions returned problems with connection.
- [FIX] Fixed Audio Properties loop search when $sound().tag returns null value (on some types of audio files, like: asf, dsd etc.)
- [FIX] Fixed radio playing announcements to not be evaluated if radio playing is in buffering state, to not avoid floods. (Thanks to Taavi S. for this fix).
- [FIX] Fixed item text from mIRC Statusbar object (audio object info line) to display correctly the text in all instances.
- [FIX] Fixed commands from Actions on Connect dialog that contain identifiers to be evaluated correctly on executing.
- [FIX] Fixed bug that connects to a server "on" when a connect fails in case Manager BNC and Favorite Server are not activated.
- [FIX] Fixed the disconnection stats to not be displayed when the connection to a server fails.
- [MODIFY] Modified the scripts to stop everything when mIRC is going to exit or to restart (for example when switching the language, network etc.)
- [MODIFY] Now clicking the fonts data from query and channel bars will open Fonts dialog instead of that standard one.
- [MODIFY] Now the fonts can be set in the range of 1-150.
- [MODIFY] Modified the design of the Themes, Language and Network dialogs. Now it looks pretty and more easy to switch among options.
- [MODIFY] Modified how to display the weather search results in case they are multiple. Now is displayed a dialog with all results, more easy to use and more powerful.
- [MODIFY] Modified issue of OGG audio type files to pass through audio codecs due to the fact that mIRC is unable to play such a file if is included a non-standard audio codec into it.
                   Note: You need to have installed K-Lite Media Pack in order to be able to play OGG audio files.
- [MODIFY] Modified the Connect menu (right-click the connect button image from Toolbar) for Network item to open the Network dialog instead of choosing between networks.
- [MODIFY] Modified completely F-Buttons & Help dialog. Now it looks pretty and more powerful. Also, added new smart F functions (disable per function or all functions, save added functions etc.) and more faster.
                    Note: After updating to this version, all F functions will be reset to its defaults. You will have to set up them again. From now on these functions will not be reset by Script anymore.
- [MODIFY] Modified and extended the Messages & Nick dialog completely with adding/modifying the new options to it, more easy and more powerful.
- [MODIFY] Modified and extended the Smiles dialog and scripts. Replaced all old smiles with other smiles based on Unicode chars and more faster.
                   Note: Your system must have at least Unicode v6.0 version all the smiles to be supported through.
- [MODIFY] Modified language objects in Quick Settings dialog. Now are set flags instead of icons and modified the displaying/clicking effects on them. (Thanks to Taavi S. for this suggestion).
- [UPDATE] Updated some scripts to work correctly on Windows 10 Insider Preview builds (beginning with 17661 build).
- [UPDATE] Updated the scripts responsable for updating the whole script or mIRC, due to the webs.com changes.
- [REMOVE] Removed completely the old Lag Meter.
- [OTHER] Other fixes, changes etc.

- [WEB] Modified Screenshots.