mIRC Korona Script v15.1 (Build: 199) Available!

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If you have a suggestion, problem, found a bug, you can report me personally. Also, you can post in my Blog...

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This Script is completely free! Although, if you find this script useful, respect my work etc. you can donate me as much as you want through PayPal. All donations will be appreciated and, as a thank you, i'll be able to work more intense to my Script, even I'll be ready to submit your own scripts (help assistance, creating scripts etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Question: What is supposed your Script for?

Answer: My Script is supposed for irc protocols and can be used by anyone on Windows platform, that is based on mIRC.exe version (see www.mirc.com). As mIRC can be a difficult for somebody, i've put all my powers to make it more simple to use, but my Script contains more advanced functions and utilities for advanced users and.

2. Question: I see that mIRC Korona Script supports only Windows 7, 8/8.1 and 10 and Windows Server Editions: 2008, 2012 and 2016. Why Windows XP is not supported, however mIRC.exe supports this?

Answer: Yes, i know. But we all know that Windows XP is not more supported by Microsoft since 2014 and take this as a remark, not an answer. Created scriptings inside mIRC Korona: routines, com objects, APIs, UIs, libraries etc. that are based on newly platform of Windows (7, 8/8.1 and 10) are different from what are Windows XP in. However, is possible to make my Script to work for Windows XP, but i have to change tons of codes to support both platforms and to restrict some scripts to run on Windows XP that can not be possible to work through, and, unfortunately, i can't do this for free. If you want to make it possible, you can buy this command from me :) For details, contact me.

3. Question: Can you make this Script and for other OS, like: Linux?

Answer: Sorry, but No. mIRC is based only for Windows OS and I'm scripting only on mIRC Language Scripting (MLS). I can't script in other languages, like TCL, Python etc.

4. Question: Where i can learn more about this Script? Can you help me?

Answer: You can read all the informations on this website, also in Changes. This help. When you start the Script, press F1 or type /help command and you can read more informations about. Also, you can ask me and i'll be glad to answer you as soon as possible. You can contact me through my email listed above, skype or mIRC. All contact informations are listed in this section.

5. Question: Why is required to use your mIRC with administrator rights? Or you have backdoors and want them to run?

Answer: My Script doesn't contain any backdoors, trojans, viruses etc. and i'm didn't release my Script to public as i have interests (exclude Donations). My scripts is free for all and i'm not imposing everyone to use my Script. Is required to use this Script with administrator rights to avoid UAC when the Script tries to write files, settings, backup itself, write regedit values, otherwise the Script will fail and will meet unwanted errors. Take in view, that this Script is made as portable version. If you want to avoid this step, place the Script in a safe place where is not required UAC confirmation and have full read and write access, but tweaks from Windows Tweaker will not work as required administrator rights.

6. Question: When i start mIRC, the Script shutdowns and opens a log file. What is wrong? When i use this Script, some errors occur. What i can do?

Answer: See what log file contains and try to repair this as is said. If nothing helps, contact me for further assistance. Please, remember to make a copy of this log file (or copy error texts in a file) in other place and to send me it.

7. Question: I'd found a bug and i have some suggestions. How can i acknowledge you?

Answer: I'm always glad if somebody report me bugs or suggest me. You can contact me via email, skype or mIRC. Also, you can submit all in the Contact form above or you can write in Discussion section. All made and approved suggestions, bugs etc. will be mentioned in the next releases of my Script (in Changes). Will be welcome and gramatical mistakes suggestions from this website and my Script. :)

8. Question: I love your Script! How can i thank you for your hard work and support!

Answer: This Script is free for all, your thankful is to use my Script and to report me bugs and give me suggestions. However, will be highly welcome if you donate me as much as you want, just press the Donate button and have a PayPal account.

9. Question: I see you're powerful and if you have time to make me a script what i need for my own Script. Can you help me?

Answer: Sorry, but i don't have time to learn you scripting, but i have all the time to make your Script as you want. Of course, is not free. Contact me and let's talk about this. It depends what kind of Script you want, i'll tell you how much you will pay, if you agree.

10. I want to try to use Security mIRC from your Script, but i must type a password! How to know the password?

Answer: The default password (for all) that is included in Script is: 12345. You can change this password every time you want. If you forgot the password, contact me and i'll reset it for you.

The FAQ will be updated in time...