mIRC Korona Script v15.3 (Build: 399) Available!

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This Script contains an Update system. It will announce you if a new version is available and how to download it! For security reasons, i didn't made the Script to update itself, but will tell you where to download the update and how to install the update just in a few clicks. Will be very simple! This Script is made after the typology to not touch your settings, logs etc. when the update will arrive! So, don't panic, when you install the update, your settings, logs personal files from this Script will remain exactly as are.
You can download the whole Script and updates (if are available) by clicking on following:

I want to mention a remark!

You have to know that this Script is running as portable version and be sure where do you install this Script! I've got few feedbacks that when script is installed, it's running, but scripts are not loaded, i.e. is opening as a clean mIRC and i'm very sure that many of them have not followed the instructions as said in Installer.
!!! If you have installed this Script in a folder that's required administrator rights, please run mirc.exe as administrator or check the box "Run as administrator" from Properties of mIRC.exe, otherwise please install the Script where you have full access (read, write files and data) and is not required administrator rights! But take in view that if you not run the Script with administrator rights, the Windows Tweaker option from Script will not work as is required to operate with regedit that is working only with administrator rights.

Download full mIRC Korona as Installer (with Updater):

The Installer will detect automatically to make a clean Install or to update old versions of the Script. To detect, you have to enter the path where the Script is installed or place the Installer in the folder where mIRC.exe is situated. Remember, mIRC Korona is installed as portable version and not affects any other mIRCs installed in your system.

1. This Script will run only on Windows 10 (All editions)

2. Is required to have minimal horizontal resolution: 1024 and vertical resolution: 720. Recommended: 1980x1080 or higher.

3. The script will work correctly only on 100% DPI scaling (Standard Windows DPI scale mode). Of course, will work on the rest dpi scales also, but the dialog's objects, fonts etc. will not have correct sizes, positions etc.

4. Better run this Install and mIRC with administrator rights, to avoid write or read errors of the script files or else.

5. Do not have restrictions to your system. Be sure you have full access on each file, regedit etc.